We help your Service Businesses generate quality leads with creative focused Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

What Makes An Ad Ugly?

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A Small Example Of Our Track Record

Helped lower their cost per lead by over 95% in the first 3 months.



How We Did It

Before working with us, Charles from platoon was struggling to run ads on his own. Once we took over, we did an entire restructuring of his account, turned off under performing ads, advised on new creatives, iterated on what was already working, and increased spend. This effort lead us to lower his cost per lead over the following months by 95%.

Made over a 5x ROAS within the first month of working together.

How We Did It

Before working with us, Tanner from Texas Automotive Care Solutions had never ran ads before. But once we implemented our unique advertising strategy into his account, we were able to double his monthly revenue, and achieve over a 5x return on ad spend only 1 month into working together.

Increased lead flow by 600% within the first month.

How We Did It

Before working with us, Tanner from BnB Mobile had never ran ads before and needed a reliable way to generate leads to scale his business. So we ran his ad campaigns and made all his creatives for him. Once we launched and implemented our strategy, He saw a 600% increase in his lead flow.

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What's the process to make your ads Ugly?


We take an in depth dive into your business, and analyze if you can benefit from our unique advertising strategy.


If you can benefit, we start to consider who your target audience is. What are their interests, preferences, and demographics?


Generate a list of potential ad ideas. Evaluate their feasibility, refine, select, and validate their impact.

Creative Planning

Draft the necessary steps to bring each ad to life. This includes scripting, storyboarding, copywriting, gathering resources, scheduling production, and planning distribution strategies.


Create the ads based upon our plans, This involves filming, graphic design, editing, adding captions, and optimizing for various platforms if needed.

Media Buying

Preparing the success of your ad campaigns. This includes defining objectives, identifying target audiences, setting budgets, KPI's, monitoring performance, optimization , and reporting.


Assembling all of the necessary elements together, and launching your campaigns.

Make Your Ads Ugly

What Our Clients Say About Us

Tanner C.
Bourbon & Branch Mobile Bar

"Working with Genesiz Media for our advertising was nothing but an amazing experience. His professionalism & transparency throughout the entire process went above and beyond our expectations. I would 10/10 recommend Genesiz Media to anyone looking to create more opportunities for their business!"

Tanner P.
Texas Automotive Care Solutions

"Genesiz Media has been amazing to work with. They're constantly communicating new ideas, troubleshooting problems, and advising me on what it takes to have a successful online presence to attract new customers for my business."

Annahi V.
Los Angeles Tortilleria

"Genesiz Media is amazing!!! they're so attentive, very transparent, and are great with communicating all important details along the way. They've been amazing for my business, I would choose them for advertising time & time again."

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